We love Greece.  We love our seas, our people and our heritage.


We build partnerships and implement programmes that grow out of love for Greece and an understanding of where we can best help our people and our natural environment in order to thrive. 


We work across three key areas




We believe that everyone should have the right to lead a rewarding and dignified life. We support innovative work that seeks to make that happen. 

Our programmes focus on supporting employment and entrepreneurship across Greece, as well as on finding long-term system-changing solutions for Greek families and refugees in Greece who face severe disadvantage. 


We help to protect the sea in and around Greece, as well as fight plastic and other pollution in the Mediterranean. We believe that the responsible use and management of our oceans is critical to the future of humanity.

We also seek to preserve important monuments and traditions that have long-term significance for Greece and its people.



Public interest

We work to promote and preserve a vibrant, tolerant democracy in Greece. 

We seek to amplify the voices of those who often go unheard - including the unemployed and refugees - and to promote transparency and accountability in government and in the media.