Our aim as an independent family foundation is to act as a catalyst for greater change than we could achieve alone. 

It starts with listening...

We dig into each of our areas of focus, using our own networks and commissioned research to understand the status quo, what best practice looks like and how we can harness innovations globally for the benefit of our partners in and around Greece.

If it doesn’t exist, we build it...

We design and implement new programmes as well as fund others.  We prefer to work in partnership with others.  Wherever possible, we collaborate with NGOs, experts and other funders to understand a given situation to make the greatest impact.

We believe in the value of advocacy and convening: we bring together individuals and institutions where we feel that our convening power can lead to the emergence of new solutions. 

We work bottom-up rather than top-down...

We believe firmly in the ability of individuals to make a positive difference in their own communities. 

We are keen to support efforts that have community buy-in and use local volunteers to achieve positive social change.  

We seek to help and strengthen coalitions of actors who can do more together than alone.  

We know that change is slow and hard to achieve...

We recognize that change is hard and that lasting change can be slow to happen. 

Therefore, if something is working, we stay involved for the long-term and help however we can.

We recognize that NGOs have limited capacity and limited hours in the day to do their work, thus we provide ongoing advice and mentoring to our partners where we can and where it’s needed.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose
sight of the shore.
— André Gide