Our programmes focus on supporting employment and entrepreneurship across Greece, as well as on finding long-term, system-changing solutions for Greek families and refugees in Greece who face severe disadvantage...



The People’s Trust (www.thepeoplestrust.org) is a privately funded non-profit organization that supports new and existing Greek small businesses from all sectors by providing them micro-funding and free of charge business development services. 

The organization’s mission is to relieve unemployment in Greece through entrepreneurship and job creation. The People’s Trust provides the groundwork needed for Greek entrepreneurs to flourish aiming to reinforce long-term improvement in lives and provide positive economic and social change.

The People’s Trust shares its vision for a better future with the A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation which fully supports its causes and enables it to carry out its important work.

...poverty, unemployment and the refugee crisis affect many of our people - both Greek citizens and refugees.



Kid and Family supports families with young children and unemployed parents affected by the financial crisis.

We have supported the organisation (2014-2017) by providing office space in the heart of Athens to host their headquarters, as well as subsidising two job positions in 2015 and three in 2016.

Thanks to our donation, Kid and Family supported additional families with unemployed parents and underage children. Specifically, the organisation distributed basic goods (food, personal hygiene items, etc.) to a large number of beneficiaries, while providing furnished accommodation for one year to 43 large families of refugees. 

The donation was also used to provide psychological support to minors, offer educational workshops for children and adolescents, organise seminars for parents of children attending public schools in Athens, and extend the operation of Greece’s sole charity shop.



Based in Veria, the Initiative for the Child focuses on the diagnosis and management of child abuse incidents, as well as the provision of holistic care and general psychological support to them. Accomplished in its field, the organisation collaborates with relevant Greek and international operators and participates in the team that drafts the institutional framework for child protection in Greece. 

Continuing a long-standing relationship, A.C. Laskaridis Foundation collaborated with the Initiative for the creation of the "House of Vergina", a guesthouse for boys over 12 years of age. Our donation covered the cost of long-term renting and full renovation of the children's home.

Thanks to it, the organisation now provides accommodation, recreation facilities and a friendly environment to the hosted children.


This ongoing program enables less fortunate citizens with infants and young children to meet an absolutely vital need: an adequate supply of milk. Monthly distributions are provided to families with infants and toddlers up to 3 years of age, through a network of organisations, such as:

  • Association for the Protection of the Unborn Child-THE EMBRACE
  • Desmos
  • Leros Solidarity Network
  • Theophilos


The educational program I Care and Act was designed and implemented by the Non-profit Association "Desmos" in collaboration with the Lambrakis Foundation.

Its’ aim is to promote volunteering and civic engagement programs in schools as a basic means of inspiring and nurturing future active citizens. Implemented in schools of all levels throughout Greece, the program is led by the students themselves, who propose and carry out activities that collectively address issues that affect and challenge them.

Throughout the year, the program provides support to participating teachers and training consultants, using workshops and a dedicated online communication platform. Specially designed educational material for teachers and pupils has been created to support the program, part of which is also available to schools that do not participate in it formally, but wish to integrate volunteering into their activity.


In the winter of 2015, the outbreak of the refugee crisis and the concentration of a large number of refugees in Idomeni, led us to the quest for immediate ways to improve the difficult living conditions in the region. Our goal was to identify actions that would create positive results for the refugees, yet could be carried out promptly and without bureaucratic obstacles. 

It was with only the 100 local residents in mind that the infrastructure for water supply networks and water supply wells in the area had been constructed. Therefore, in cooperation with the Municipality of Paionia, in the geographical region of which Idomeni is located, it was decided that the basic needs for water use had to be met.

Our involvement included the creation of a water pumping station in nearby Hamilo, the extension of the already existing electricity network and the installation of pipelines to the refugee camp. The project was carried out in collaboration with local partners as well as with the municipal authorities. 

Upon completion, the necessary quantities of drinking water were brought to Idomeni and made available to refugees. After the evacuation of the camp, the installation serves as an alternative and complementary source of water supply for the neighbouring settlements, which suffer from water shortage during the summer months.


Saint Polycarpos of Smyrna is a philanthropic organisation that provides free housing, nutrition, education and social rehabilitation opportunities to children in need. The Family Child Protection Unit, in Nea Smyrna, responds to the needs of children directed there under a public prosecutor's order, offering them comfort and security.

In the context of our continued interest, we offer the organisation financial assistance to sustain the facility and meet the immediate needs of the hosted children.

“We believe that everyone should have the right to lead a rewarding and dignified life. We support innovative work that seeks to make that happen.”