With an unwavering focus on the protection of the marine environment and the reduction of sea pollution, the Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation turns Donoussa into the first Aegean island without single-use plastics, within the framework of the SEA CHANGE GREEK ISLANDS initiative, under the auspices of the Municipality of Naxos and the Small Cyclades, with the support of the Municipal Community of Donoussa and in cooperation with the Cultural-Environmental Association of Donoussa "Poseidon", the Business Union of Donoussa and the Donoussa-Cyclades People's Association.

A year ago, with Sikinos as the starting point, the SEA CHANGE GREEK ISLANDS initiative began the effort of replacing single-use plastics, setting its sights first on the plastic straw. This year, the already successful initiative is organizing, in cooperation with the local associations, a multi-tiered intervention on the island of Donoussa, inviting both the island’s professionals and its inhabitants to commit to the systematic reduction and the progressive abolition of single-use plastics from the island (cups, straws, bags, take-away packaging), sending a strong message to the global community. All this is to happen before the specialization the European Union’s recent directive, according to which by 2021 single-use plastics will be gradually banned in all its member-states (plastic cutlery, plates, straws, food and drink packaging etc.).

The initiative makes its debut in Donoussa on Friday, April 5th, with the briefing of the inhabitants, the signing of commitment agreements and other informative activities. The program team will stay on the island for three days during, which they have planned a wealth of activities: an educational program for local school-children, participation in the cleaning of beaches and paths, as well as the under-water cleaning of the main port, in cooperation with Naxos Wildlife Association, SEA CHANGE GREEK ISLANDS ambassador for Naxos and the Small Cyclades. They will also offer a reusable SEA CHANGE DONOUSSA drinking cup to every single inhabitant, along with biodegradable bags and straws to the businesses.

Naxos’ Deputy Mayor Dimitris Lianos said about the program: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome and embrace the SEA CHANGE GREEK ISLANDS initiative on one of the five islands of our Municipality, Donoussa. Continuing the activities that started a year ago, we are making Donoussa the first Aegean island without single-use plastics. We hope our example will inspire other island municipalities, so that we might, eventually, make Greece a very special hospitality destination”.  

Dr. Angeliki Kosmopoulou, Executive Director of the Foundation mentioned: “Single-use plastics are used for a few minutes but their impact on the environment lasts for decades. The solution is up to us -up to our choices and our daily habits. We can all become the change that we would like to see in our world. A year ago, we took the first step, saying “no” to the plastic straw. Today, we are taking our common effort one step further, making Donoussa, an island of rare beauty, the first #single_plastic_free Aegean island”. 

Logothetis Koveos, Chairman of the Business Union of Donoussa said: “We are delighted to welcome the SEA CHANGE GREEK ISLANDS initiative to our island. It is our duty to actively participate in the reduction of single-use plastics, replacing them with items that are friendlier towards the environment”.  

Elias Prasinos, President of the Cultural-Environmental Association of Donoussa "Poseidon", stated: “We welcome the initiative because it offers us the opportunity to reduce our island’s ecological footprint. The message we put out is that long-term issues, such as waste management, need to be addressed with contemporary methods that are eco-friendly”.  

Andreas Tsioustas, President of the Donoussa-Cyclades People's Association, used the following words to describe the collaboration: “One of the main reasons for joining the SEA CHANGE GREEK ISLANDS initiative with great enthusiasm is the fact that it was planned to enhance the collectiveness that is already a trademark of our island. Decision-making in Donoussa is always collective. What has made us look a little “romantic” so far, can now be expressed in action”.  

The SEA CHANGE GREEK ISLANDS initiative is in its second year, implemented on ten Cycladic islands, under the auspices of the respective municipalities. It is a holistic intervention for the protection of the marine environment.


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Angeliki Kosmopoulou, +30 694 5378678, akosmopoulou@aclcf.org
Irene Gkioulakou + 30 693 6704226, igkioulakou@aclcf.org
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