The Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation supports social welfare initiatives related to issues of disadvantaged groups, mainly children, as well as the for the support of health structures, in order to cover vital functional needs.

Charity Association of Child Protection ” AGIOS POLYKARPOS”

The Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation supports on a regular basis the charity association Agios Polykarpos of Smyrna, which treats and supports children in need of free housing, food, education, upbringing and social rehabilitation opportunities.


Kouloureio Hospital of Hydra “Panagia Faneromeni”

The Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation supports the operation of the Kouloureio Hospital of Hydra through the financial aid to the annual Charity Music Events held since 2010 on the island in order to improve the health structures and services on the island.


Kid and Family

The non-profit organization Kid and Family supports families with young children and unemployed parents affected by the financial crisis. The longstanding support of the Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation to the organization includes the long-term provision of facilities in the center of Athens for hosting it, while in the past (2015, 2016) it also included the subsidy of jobs in the organization. 


Initiative for the Child

Based in Veroia, the charity association Initiative for the Child, focuses on the diagnosis and management of child abuse cases, the provision of holistic care to them and trauma treatment. Renowned in its field, the organization cooperates with related bodies from Greece and abroad, while participating in the team that forms the institutional framework for child protection in our country.

The Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation collaborated with the Initiative for the creation of the “Home of Vergina”, an accommodation facility for boys over 12 years old. In this context, it covered the costs of long-term rental and complete renovation of the building that houses the children. Thanks to the donation, the Initiative now has a model hostel for the pleasant stay of children, as well as a specially designed courtyard space for sports and group gatherings.



Baby Milk Project

The three-year baby milk project was supported by the Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, covering an absolutely vital need for disadvantaged families with infants and toddlers. The project was implemented by monthly distributions to the families, which were carried out through the organizations DESMOS, Theofilos, Association for the Protection of the Unborn Child – Agkalia, AITIMA, Leros Solidarity Network.


Water supply to Idomeni Camp and Settlement

During the winter of 2015, the outbreak of the refugee issue and the concentration of a large number of refugees in Idomeni, led to the search for immediate ways to improve the difficult living conditions of the refugee population. In collaboration with the Municipality of Paionia, in the geographical region of which Idomeni is located, it was decided to address the needs for drinking water, food preparation and cleaning. The intervention of the Athanasios C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation included the electrification of a water pumping station in Chamilos, a settlement near Idomeni, the expansion of the electricity network and the installation of pipelines till the refugee camp. The project was implemented with the utilization of local partners and in good cooperation with the municipal authority.